Baptisms and other ceremonies

Celebrate a baptism at Hotel dei Giardini.

Are you looking for a suitable place for family receptions to celebrate a Baptism, a Communion or a Confirmation near Milan?

Whether it’s brunch, lunch, dinner, light snacks or aperitivo, this is the perfect location.

You can choose either the large indoor rooms or the large and well-equipped outdoor areas in the summer. Both choices are ideal for accommodating adults and children: they offer freedom of movement in pleasant and well-kept environments, with room for gazebos, buffets and other arrangements. And of course music, even live.

A new area for children helps to entertain the youngest ones outdoors.

The enchanting centuries-old park is ideal for photos: one more reason to remember a splendid outdoor party in complete relaxation, just a few miles from Milan.

In the warm season, the swimming pool is worth its charm. The new kiosk for drinks is an excellent attraction. We also provide a large screen for projections.

If desired, we even offer an indoor dance club.

A high-end gastronomic experience.

Hotel dei Giardini is perfect for celebrations, thanks to its customizable menus that can be designed with our chef. A unique service that relies on our Restaurant, now under new management.

Families only have to choose the right time and enjoy their special day. This is the ideal venue, with an outdoor area and room for children to have fun safely.

→ Find out more about the restaurant.

Decoration and spaces.

The farmhouse contributes to the venue’s timeless charm, as well as the picture-perfect centuries-old park that also provides much needed quiet. Time seems to stop in its enchanted and romantic corners, so special compared to other locations in the city.

Part of our success is also due to floral decorations and custom details outdoors and indoors.

Our welcoming atmosphere can already be felt in the parking lot, large and suitable for a large number of guests coming in at the same time. For those who prefer to stay the night, we offer numerous comfortable and elegant accommodations in line with the occasion.

Hotel dei Giardini is the right place to celebrate and spend a day in complete relaxation surrounded by loved ones and friends. All you have to do is come and visit us to get a preview of the day you will remember forever!


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